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Meravilla Fractional Ownership

Meravilla Fractional Ownership is a unique online platform were a group of unrelated people can buy vacation home properties on fingertips of multiple types & locations at min investment starting from Rs.25000/-. It is a legal property ownership platform were the investor can avail the opportunity of self-use, gift, earn and sell his/her part of fraction.

How It Works

(1) Select Properties:

Browse through our properties menu and select the property you are interested. Before selecting ensure that you have read all the details of the properties and select as per your requirement.

(2) Talk to our Expert Advisor:

Our advisor will call you as soon as possible and explain you all the benefits and process. You can ask for any details required and get online virtual demo for using your fraction of ownership. Once you are fully satisfied our advisor will guide you through rest of the process.

(3) Sign Agreements:

Each investment is made through specific entity and you need to sign relevant agreements for that specific property and entity. This is for your own protection. You can sign this electronically; our advisor will guide you through it.

(4) Fund your Investment:

Now you can make payment against your investment and the amount must be transferred to your account of investment entity – this entity has been specifically created for that specific property. You should never transfer the money to any other account than this entity’s bank account (and the name of that is mentioned in the agreements that you sign).

(5) Investment Complete:

Usually it takes min 8 to max 30 days to complete such purchases. Once done Meravilla will inform you and activate your property fraction, you can also keep yourself updated for all the proceedings and view all the agreements and related documents uploaded online which you can access through your login.

(6) Use your fraction:

It is time to enjoy your investment, through your login on Meravilla portal you can book, gift, rent, exchange your entitled stay on your fingertips. Projected ROI against combined usage of your fraction for self-use or rent can be from 10% to 30%.

(7) Increase Your Meravilla Portfolio:

Meravilla platform ensures the ease of investment in real estate properties. You can keep adding new purchases in your property portfolio and ensure growth in your investment returns and your family leisure. Meravilla offers a range of vacation homes which can accommodate min 3 to 18 occupants at a time as per the property type you have selected.

(8) Sell Your Investment:

You can sell your investment partially or completely anytime from anywhere. You can gift, transfer, sell your fraction to open market or through Meravilla portal were huge number of investors visit regularly for new opportunity of investment.

Meravilla Benefits


Meravilla real estate expert’s team continuously are in process to identify and make available furnished vacation home properties for sale on its online platform. All due diligence for the properties is done by the experts before making it available for sale. With such small fractional ownership investments, you can build up your vacation home property portfolio for multiple type of properties ranging from small studio rooms to big 5 bhk pool villa.


With an opportunity of buying fractions of properties for a small investment ranging from 25000/- to 10/- lacs. You can create your property investment portfolio without borrowing bank loans indirectly end up creating long term debt and high interest resulting in paying 4 times cost of your property. You can also increase your property portfolio from Meravilla income opportunities.


Meravilla offers a bundle of services from arranging properties for sale, furnishing it, and maintain it for 25 years. Property fraction prices ensures a seamless process of buying and maintenance of the property. You will be free from any maintenance charges, electricity bills, property taxes, housekeeping charges, interior maintenance cost.


Meravilla fractional ownership open’s doors to multiple income opportunities. You can rent your fraction directly in open market or through online portal of Meravilla. Earn regular income from customer referral program of the company. Make profits against resale of your fraction with appreciated value, resale can be done directly by you in open market or through Meravilla online portal.


You can make your family, extended family, friends, and colleagues devilishly happy by self-use of fraction of your properties and increase your personal brand value. You can accommodate min 4 to max 20 people for stay as per the property type purchased by you. Meravilla also offers online location exchange platform so that you can use your fraction in your own property or exchange it with many more location options of Meravilla.


We at Meravilla are always profoundly working towards improvement of services and satisfaction of our customers, and hence provide 100% refund of your investment against cancellation request within 15 days of purchase. And 65% refund of investment against cancelation within 12 months of purchase. For more details please read our agreement for buy back guarantee terms.


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